Sustainable Candle-Making Kits


What Makes Us Different...

At Authentin we believe that life is a collection of moments, and the 
little things are what really matter. It could be arriving home after 
weeks away, a crisp breath on a fresh morning, or the joy of reminiscing
with old friends. These moments pass us by quickly, but the memories stay 
with us forever. These are the moments that we should cherish, and truly 
savour. We hope to encourage people to hold on to the little things and 
relish the best moments life has to offer.

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Choose your moment...

Our candle making kits come in three varieties, each designed to transport you to a moment to be savoured.
They are named according to the emotions they evoke and the moments their scents call back to.


Coming Home

This scent seeks to bring back the familiar, to inspire a moment of comfort and relaxation.


Being Together

A scent to remind you of moments with the people you love, and inspire a moment of togetherness.


Starting Fresh

This scent accompanies the moment you take a fresh start, and is energising and refreshing. 


Protecting the planet was crucial when developing our product. Our drive for sustainability led to us using rapeseed wax as the main component in our candles. Rapeseed is produced in the UK, it’s not linked to deforestation or food poverty, and burns more cleanly than other options. Our containers are reusable and recyclable, so the candle protects the planet in its afterlife.

Our Charity

All proceeds from Authentin will be donated to the Mosaic Clubhouse, a charity based in Lambeth, London supporting individuals over the age of 16 with their mental health and well-being. Your money will go to helping the Clubhouse provide a community for people who have struggled with mental illness, and support them to develop skills and get back into employment.

Simple moments

Here at Authentin, we take pride on choosing the simple things in life. We seek to achieve minimalism across our product and values to boost our happiness levels. We're not about the frills and materiastics desires but are attracted to connections with people and places.

Find out more about what drives us as a team.




What does good wellbeing mean to you? 

Sparking a moment to focus on your mental health

This year has been tough on everyone, the pandemic has caused a strain on mental health globally. Now more than ever, it is important to talk about and support others with their mental health.

As a team, we wanted to shine a light on the importance of wellbeing and feeling comfortable in knowing what works for you and when. Personal wellbeing is unique to everyone. 

We want to raise awareness on good mental health to enable our Authentin family to not just live but to thrive. 


Get to know our charity

We are donating 100% 
of our profit to our charity partner, the Mosaic Clubhouse. 

Over the last few years, global mental health has been affected by the pandemic and increases in societal pressures. Now more than ever, it is important to talk about 
and support others with their mental health.


Therefore, working with Mosaic Clubhouse made perfect sense. They are an award-winning charity in Brixton providing wellbeing services to the Lambeth community and surrounding boroughs. It is part funded by Lambeth Council and the NHS Lambeth since it was founded in 1994.

How to get your kit...




Contact us at before you order to discuss collection  from our available pickup locations.


We can deliver your candle kit anywhere in the UK for just £3.